Gas Benefits

Convenient and fast. We grew up with a gas grill, so I’m not a hater. It was nice to be able to throw some stuff on the grill at the last minute and be done with it. A hot grill ready in 10 minutes is a nice feature.
Temperature control. Flip the switch and the temperature can soar or die in seconds. I must admit, it’s nice to have that control (especially when you start a grease fire with bacon like I did last week).
Cleaner. There’s hardly any ash with a gas grill, so it’s cleaner to clean in the short run.

Gas Drawbacks

Not hot enough. Most gas grills can only get to 450°, not hot enough to give your red meat that beautiful, caramelized sear.
Unreliable thermometer. The temperature on the thermometer you see on your fancy gas grill isn’t necessarily correct. From a cold day to a sizzling hot day, that temperature could be off by 40°. Get yourself a cheap oven thermometer.
More expensive to purchase and repair. The cost of the actual grill itself and the cost for any repairs are more expensive than charcoal. More details below about this.
More flare-ups. As far as safety is concerned, I believe gas grills actually can be more hazardous than charcoal grills in some ways. With charcoal, you’re using the hot coals and smoke to cook your food, not flames like a gas grill does.
Where’s the flavor? The most important drawback of them all: the flavor. Where is it? The flames don’t have the flavor- the coals and the smoke do. For some things like thin burgers, it’s not a big deal. But what about for that big, juicy rib-eye?

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