Grills are the basic must have backyard tool. But not all grills are the same. They range widely in features and price. If you select carefully you can get a versatile tool that can cook at high temps, low temps, direct over the flame, andindirect with convection.

How To Buy A Grill. This article is a guide to helping you decide what features you want when shopping for a grill. Read it and print it before you go shopping.

Gas Grills vs. Charcoal Grills – Which is Better? Everybody has an opinion. Here are the facts.

Understanding Stainless Steel. There are different types of SS. Read this before you buy.

Charcoal Grills & Wood Burning Grills. What to look for in a charcoal grill and reviews and ratings of scores of current models.

Gas Grill Reviews & Ratings. Nothing can be more convenient and easy to use. Ready to use in minutes, minimal cleanup, they are the easiest and most versatile cookers. But only a few can properly sear a steak.

Egg, Kamado, & Ceramic Grill/Smokers. These large insulated jug shaped cookers are sold as grill/smoker combos, but they are really best though of as smokers, with one notable exception.

Pellet Grills & Smokers. These are state of the art cookers, burning wood pellets made from sawdust, and all but the cheapest are thermostatically controlled. Truly set it and forget it. They are great smokers and smoky ovens, but they are almost all unable to properly sear a steak.

Tailgate, Camping, & Portable Grills. Large and small,some of these portables are really amazing.

Grills Gone Wild. You want one of these. Admit it.

Thermometer Buying Guide. Cooking without good digital thermometers is like driving at night without headlights. Spend the money for good thermometers. Without good digital thermometers there’s a good chance you’ll be making lame excuses for overcooked meat, undercooked meat, or, worst of all, apologies at bedside in the hospital as your guests recover from food-borne illness. Right now! They will pay for themselves by saving your meat and your face.

Outdoor Kitchens. Before you break ground read this. And don’t buy a built-in grill!

Barbecue Accessories, Tools, & Toys. Here are the gizmos and gadgets you need: Gloves, grate cleaners, more.

Required Kitchen Tools. Here are the rest of the tools you need, from knives to coffee makers.

The Beautiful, Amazing, Steak Knives. When I found access to the company that makes steak knives for the best NY steakhouses, much to my delight, I learned that I could not only buy a set, they would emblazon them with the imprimatur and sell them through Amazon. I set my table with them every night now. Even the toughest meats turn to butter beneath these extraordinary blades.

Bar Necessities. OK, you have a corkscrew. But you need a shaker and a few other things.

Corkscrews. Stop fighting the corks. Get a device that gives you a mechanical advantage. You’ll never serve a glass of wine with cork bits in it again.

Funny Aprons, Hats, T-Shirts. Go beyond “Kiss The Chef”. Designed by Meathead there are many fun choices.

Books, Cookbooks, And Magazines. There is no book with all the info on this website, but there are some great ones. Here are the ones Meathead likes erst.

Commercial Barbecue Sauces. You really should be making your own signature sauces from recipes, but if you want to taste the best examples of the differnt regional sauces made in those regionals, here they are and how to order them.


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