Gas grills are definitely not one of the cheapest toys an adult can buy. Because of their hefty price tag, you’ll want to make sure yours is well cared for. Not only will it last longer and look better, but the food that comes off it will taste better, too.

Basic Gas Grill Tools
A wire grill scraper (copper is best but a little pricey and not completely necessary) and some fine steel wool pads are essentials. Most of the other tools you probably already have lying around your house, like a sponge and a wooden spoon.

How To Clean Your Grill
The secret to proper grill maintenance is to take the time to clean it after you cook, not before the next time you cook. The food residue will be easier to clean this way, and it will help prevent bacteria from spreading. Once you remove the food from your grill, turn it up as high as it goes, and close the hood. Leave it for about 10 minutes. Once the time is up, take your wire scraper and remove any burnt-on bits stuck to your grates. Don’t be afraid to put some elbow grease into it, but try not to damage the protective coating on your grates. Copper is softer than steel, which is why it is the ideal metal for this.

After your grates have cooled down, clean them with some soapy water and the steel wool. This gets off any remaining stuck-on bits and ensures they are clean and ready to go for your next grilling session. If you forget or simply don’t want to clean off your grill after you are done grilling, it can be done before you grill next, but the job will be more difficult.

Caring For Burners And Hoods
You also want to make sure the burners and the interior of the grill hood are clean to prevent any old grease from getting on your food. Once the grill has cooled completely, take your sponge and some soapy water, and clean off any grease or residue. If something is stuck on, use the wooden spoon to scrape it free. You don’t want to use your wire brush or steel wool in this situation because the finish on the burner and hood is less durable than the coating on your grates. This doesn’t have to be done after every time you use your grill, but you don’t want to let the grease build up either.

Dealing With Stubborn Grates
If your grill has been neglected for a while, which happens from time to time, and you find that the grates simply will not get clean, do not worry. Just remove them from the grill, and soak them in a weak bleach solution for a few hours. Remove them, and clean them thoroughly with soapy water, as bleach will not be a tasty addition to your grilled chicken. If they still will not clean, it may be necessary to purchase new ones.

The Outside Of Your Grill
One often overlooked aspect of grill maintenance is caring for the outside of your grill. You want your shiny new toy to look good, so scrub it occasionally with a soapy sponge whenever grease or other residue builds up on it, and purchase a grill cover. This will protect it from the elements and ensure it keeps its shiny finish for years to come.

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