Horizon Smoker Company manufactures excellent, tight, well-built, heavyweight, heavy duty, horizontal offset firebox cookers and carry a lifetime guaranteeagainst burnout! They are constructed from all new, high grade steel and cooking chambers are built from 1/4″ thick structural pipe to tight tolerances. Remember, heavy steel holds heat longer, distributes heat more evenly, cooks better, and uses less fuel. But the owner is quick to point out that Horizon smokers go beyond heavy metal. They are a culmination of design and manufacturing ideas gleaned from decades of cooking, cutting and welding. Residential smokers are typically 16 and 20″ diameters and come in four styles: Patriot, Classic, Marshall and Ranger. These models and feature large, steel wagon wheels for easy moving despite their weight. Horizon also makes a wide selection of accessories and larger model smokers for competitive and commercial use.

Even so, any offset design intrinsically causes the cooking chamber to get hotter near the firebox and cooler on the other side. So Horizon makes a clever “sliding convection plate” (shown above). It is a heavy steel plate which deflects heat and smoke downward and disperses it more evenly through the chamber. These convection plates are Horizon’s most popular accessory. They are offered as an option for most factory direct orders and can be retrofitted onto all Horizon 16 and 20 inch smokers and some 20 inch Oklahoma Joe Longhorns. They can also customize these plates for many other offsets. Call 866-468-4066 for more information on additional sizes and prices. You might even get to talk to owner Roger Davidson, who started the late great Oklahoma Joe Smoker company with his brother Joe. The brand was sold to Brinkmann, then killed by Brinkmann who prefers to make lightweight, cheap cookers. Now back in Perry, OK, where the Davidsons began making heavy duty smokers in 1988, Roger continues his craft under the Horizon name.

Horizons have framed cooking grates made of 9 gauge expanded metal welded to square tubing. The expanded metal is flattened with rollers to create a smooth surface. Horizon claims each individual rack will support over 100 pounds. All models come with chrome spiral handles that are cool to the touch. Built in heat indicators, a lower storage rack for charcoal and wood, hinged firebox door for removing ash, and an ash rake are also included.

No assembly is required on current models whether purchased direct or through a dealer. Click here for latest prices for Horizon Smokers on Amazon.com.




16 Inch Patriot Backyard Charcoal Grill
Cooking chamber: 16″ wide x 32″ long
12″ wheels
With no firebox, Patriot is the only Horizon dedicated grill. The rest have a firebox and a front shelf for work space.

16 Inch Classic Backyard Smoker (right)
Firebox: 16″ diameter x 16″ long
Cooking Chamber: 16″ diameter x 32″ long
12″ wheels

20 Inch Classic Backyard Smoker
Firebox: 20″ diameter x 18″ long
Cooking chamber: 20″ diameter x 36″ long
12″ wheels


All Marshalls include a warming plate on the firebox hood for sauces and sides.

20 Inch Marshall Backyard Smoker
Firebox: 20″ diameter x 22″ long
Cooking chamber: 20″ diameter x 44″ long
16″ wheels


20 Inch RD Special
Roger Davidson feels the larger his smokers get, the better the heat spreads from side to side and front to back. He personally prefers his 30″ double door and recommends 24 to 30″ minimum diameters for teams and larger commercial users. The RD special is the same as the 20″ Marshall with a few popular features added: Counterweight for the heavy cooking chamber hood for easier lifting, sliding convection plate, oversize 20″ wagon wheels.

24 Inch Marshall Backyard Smoker
Same as the above, only bigger!
Firebox: 24″ diameter x 24″ long
Cooking chamber: 24″ diameter x 48″ long


The Ranger is an offset on steroids. You can grill steaks at 500°F on the grate in the firebox, cook your sauce on the warming plate, smoke ribs at 225°F in the horizontal smoke chamber, and smoke sausage or turkeys at 175°F in the vertical chamber. The entire system is designed to keep the vertical chamber about 75°F below the temp in the horizontal chamber; great for smoking turkey, fish and even cheese. All Rangers have a hanging rod in the top of the vertical chamber for hams, sausage and large items. There are built in heat indicators on the cooking chamber and vertical chamber.

16 Inch Ranger Backyard Smoker
Firebox: 16″ diameter x 20″ long
Cooking chamber: 16″ diameter x 40″ long
Vertical chamber: 16″ diameter x 48″ tall with three removable 15″ round cooking racks

20 Inch Ranger Backyard Smoker
Firebox: 20″ diameter x 22″ long
Cooking chamber: 20″ diameter x 44″ long
Vertical chamber: 20″ diameter x 51″ tall with three removable 19″ round cooking racks

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