Propane torch

Then there’s the real flame thrower. Connect it to a propane tank, hit the spark, and whoosh! Within a few minutes a whole bag of charcoal is glowing. And propane, unlike gasoline or lighter fluid, is flavorless and odorless when burnt. Also good for burning weeds from the cracks in your patio, and flushing enemy woodchucks. Popular on the competition circuit. This model is the Red Dragon Torch.

red dragon torch

Other methods

You can take a wad of newspapers and put it under your charcoal grate and pour the charcoal on top of the grate. This works pretty well. Again, just remember to measure the number of coals. The science advisor Dr. Greg Blonder adds “Be aware that sometimes glowing newspaper ash can blow out of the grill. If it is located near combustible plantings [I think this is scientific speak for overhanging tree branches], make sure the flying newspaper embers don’t set the neighborhood ablaze.” Hmmmmm. Sounds like the voice of experience…

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